The Hazards Of The Arc Flash And How It Is Overcome

5 Apr

Even you have the ability to mitigate against the serious risks to your person and premises that could come about as a result of an arc flash. But in doing so, you will not be acting alone. What you will be doing is relying on the professional expertise of those best qualified to carry out a full and proper arc flash hazard analysis across your premises.

They are best qualified to determine the full extent of the amount of energy that a potential arc flash within your electrical installations is able to generate. After completing an extensive premises inspection they will be well primed to provide detailed and accurate information that is only going to help keep you and your employees safe in the workplace.

Here is something for those of you who do not yet fully appreciate the full extent of what an arc flash hazard, left to run out of control, could bring to you, your staff and your entire business. Statistically, every thirty minutes an injury occurs due to such a flash. The typical injuries that could occur include skin burns, hearing loss, eye damage and the lack of ability to breathe properly. These injuries occur so unexpectedly because the arc flash occurs within fractions of a second.

arc flash hazard analysis

There is just no time to react or dodge the incident.  The arc flash is an electrical explosion that comes about as a result of a low-impedance connection to the ground or through another voltage phase within an electrical system.

There is more than enough energy within this arc flash to cause extensive damage to property, fire breakouts and injury to affected workers. Loss of income is also possible due to prolonged downtime and costly repairs, even fines for non-compliance.