Drawing Attention to Your Billboards

5 Apr

Billboards are methods of advertising that many people take for granted.  However, just because most of us do not necessarily remember the specific billboards that we see on a daily basis does not mean that these types of ads don’t work.

In fact, if billboard advertising wasn’t proven to work, then it is not an advertising method that would still be used. 

With newer technology, there are ways to upgrade your billboard ads in order to make them more effective.  Here are just a few ways to do that.

LED Lighting

Even if you put regular lights on your billboards, they will still likely be difficult to see during the night.  However, if you use LED billboard lighting, you will find that your ads are much easier to see no matter what time of day it might happen to be.

Unlike traditional lighting, LED lighting will shine over the entire billboard, making sure that everyone can see the whole thing even in the darkest of areas.  This is a good idea if you are still using traditional billboards but want to make them pop out at people a little more.

Digital Billboard Displays

More and more companies are choosing to advertise using digital billboards.  The benefit to this is the fact that it generally costs a little bit less because you can share the billboard with other companies.  Basically, your ad will show for a few moments before the billboard switches to an ad from another company, allowing you and other companies to split the ad costs.

Video Billboards

LED billboard lighting

These work best in high-traffic areas where people are walking instead of driving.  In these areas, you can show an entire video ad on a high definition display and wow your potential customers.  This is definitely the most advanced route to take.