Renting A Crib; In More Ways Than One

5 Apr

Neither a borrower, nor a lender be that’s something you might be teaching your kid by the time she grows up. But for now, given her very small size, you can’t possibly put such words in her mouth or mind. All she will do is gurgle right back at you, if she’s in a good mood. She’s in a good mood because you went and did something you weren’t going to be doing anyhow. You went and borrowed her a crib. She’ll never know you did because the crib is as new.

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When you just broke out of college and were settling down into your first job you had to rent your own crib anyhow. You may even have asked your dad for a loan lending hand to help with the deposit. And now this. You have a kid. Whether she was planned or totally out of the blue is beside the point because have you seen the expense lately. Who can blame you if you’ve gone and done the rent a crib florida thing, this time all for your little girl.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? And this little girl’s gotta have her own special place to crash, at least until such time she’s big enough to crash down in her own bed which will be for keeps because that one’s gotta last until she’s ready for college. Or are you one of those liberal minded moms who’s going to be giving your girl her own independence and the ludicrous change in the wind that comes with having a double bed to sprawl all over.

Wait until the kid grows up. For now though, kids, they say the darnedest of things.